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West Highland Neighborhood Association - Shared screen with speaker view
Ronda Lambatos’s iPhone
Lots of homeless in Highland Park
Ray & Pat Defa
Llast month Karen Good/Transportation said she would answer all questions that were put in chat. Has she received the questions? What were her responses.
Trevor Greco
@Ray - I have not - thanks for the reminder, I just pinged her via email for an update on when we can expect.
Marie Benedix
All denver taxpayers contributed to protecting the land mentioned here, by
Marie Benedix
…purchasing the development rights for $2 millon. So I think it’s incorrect to characterize this as only a local decision. Since this is potential park land which we all helped purchase the development rights to, why wouldn’t all of us vote on whether we want to give it up (for free) to a developer? It seems like a land grab / land give away by Denver politicians to me. Any response as to why we shouldn’t have a voice on something we helped pay for?
Lauren S
Are there any updates on the church rezone on 29th and Julian?
Matt Wagner
I’d like to help, Bill
I'd like to join the committee, with a focus on bicycling..
Marie Benedix
Could we do a poll of just the people who are here? Would you be more or less likely to attend if this was in person?
Matt Wagner
Thanks Trevor!