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DHS Community Network Meeting: Unsung Heroes and End of Year Announcements - Shared screen with speaker view
David he/him | Denver Human Services
Just a reminder that we are recording today’s meeting to place on our website. Thank you for joining us!
David he/him | Denver Human Services
Welcome to our Community Network Meeting. As part of DHS’s commitment to Language Justice, we include Spanish interpretation at all our Community Network Meetings. Momentarily there will be a globe that pops up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. We encourage you to participate in the language of your heart.Bienvenidos a nuestra reunion de Red Comunitaria. Como parte del compromiso de DHS con la justicia del idioma, hemos incluido interpretación al español en todas nuestras reuniones de Red Comunitaria. En un momento habra un globo que veran en la parte baja izquierda de su pantalla. Les invitamos a participar en el idioma de su preferencia.
David he/him | Denver Human Services
Our group email list is a great way to share information, announcements, events, job openings, and other opportunities to a network of community partners. Sign up today! https://www.denvergov.org/Government/Departments/Denver-Human-Services/Be-Involved/Partner-With-Us/Community-Connections-Email-List
David he/him | Denver Human Services
Watch previous Community Network Meetings https://www.denvergov.org/Government/Agencies-Departments-Offices/Denver-Human-Services/Be-Involved/Partner-With-Us/Community-Network-Meetings?BestBetMatch=community%20network%20meeting|95c94ae0-247e-4b0c-b511-f9439cc122bd|c4f1b630-3cf4-4ec1-8110-c4784b6aa32e|en-US
Tania Flores - Spanish Interpreter
Please mind the speed of your speech
Patrice Hawkins
Wow! I love hearing about all of our Unsung Heroes. Congratulations again on being a part of the inaugural group. I'm looking forward to learning from you all and hearing more about your work. Thank you for all you do
Doug Wooley
Thank you for being her Patrice.
Don Mares
Such an incredible group of He- and She-ros! I must sign off, but keep doing the amazing things you are doing for community, and, again, kudos and deep thanks to the amazing DHS team I am honored to work with! Don Mares
David he/him | Denver Human Services
Just a reminder that we are recording today’s meeting to place on our website. Thank you for joining us!
Patrice Hawkins
It is a tough question! Abril, I'm glad this is a platform where people can really engage and connect
Katie Ziegler (she/her) DHS
Katie Ziegler, Denver Human Services, katie.ziegler@denvergov.org; Provide speaking opportunities for Community Partners at monthly network meetings. In search of resources for reintegration of those who have been justice involved.
silvia Lopez
Silvia Lopez
Marcela Paiz
Marcela Paiz CEO, IDEA Forum, Inc. Focus on family violence and substance abuse. Need Administrative Staff and Clinicians. 303-477-8280 mpaiz@ideacares.com
Kali Grajeda
Kali Grajeda; kali@ourfrontporchco.org; I am a caseworker with Our Front Porch. We provide long term services for individuals and families who have suffered from a house fire.
Katie Ziegler (she/her) DHS
Feel free to drop your info in the chat for a quick virtual network session!
Abril Fuentes
Abril Fuentes Guevara- Mile High United Way, abril.guevara@unitedwaydenver.org. I work specifically with programs focused on ECE.
Marcela Paiz
I have a critical meeting, need to say Adios, Feliz Navidad! Marcela Paiz
Leah Wing
Leah Wing, JFS of Colorado, LWing@jewishfamilyservice.org; Provide job candidate referrals for job openings at your agencies. In search of resources for job seekers who are new refugees.
Kim Alladice
Kim Alladice, Community Health Navigator - Resource Connect at Children's Hospital. I work with our Child Health and Adolescent Medicine clinics at the Health Pavilion. My specility is Housing and Energy assistance.
Madeline Williams
Congratulations to the entire panel. I have another meeting to attend.....
Thais Gutierrez
Thais Gutierrez-WorkNow Navigator Denver Workforce Services. tgutierrez@eckerd.org Work with people that need a training or job within the construction field. Also work with some other programs.
Dwayne Meeks
Dwayne Meeks, Master Fatherhood Facilitator, motivational Speaker, Staff Trainings, author, community organizer, youth violence specialist, Family voice council advocate
silvia Lopez
Silvia Lopez I work for Denver Public Schools at the Medicaid Department Phone number 303-981-4255 we partner with the American Indian health Services to process all counties applications so we can help everyone. We do Medicaid app, Chp+ and food stamps.
Dwayne Meeks
Dwayne Meeks
Dwayne Meeks
Dwayne Meeks, Urban Colors Arts and Mentoring. dmeeks@urbancolors.org, www.urbancolors.org
Maria Elena Rivera
Maria Elena Rivera, Program Coordinator - Denver Workforce Services. Currently all 3 workforce centers in Denver are operating out of the Montbello location at 4685 Peoria Street, Denver 80239. For in-person appointments, job seekers can call (720) 337-9675 or self schedule at https://dwsmontbello.youcanbook.me/ Appointments are available Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. Job seeking, WIOA training opportunities, use the resource center (computers, copier, connect w/unemployment staff via hotline, etc.) all services are free.
Doug Wooley
Doug Wooley, professional volunteer and mischief maker. Dougwooley52@gmail.com Getting, Keeping, help grow culturally appropriate food in the community.
Maria Elena Rivera
Correction - In person appointments are Mon-Thurs, but staff available by phone Mon-Fri. Thank you, Maria Elena
Kathleen Crusan-Ford- Denver Human Services
Kathy Crusan-Ford- Agency Trainer- Kathy.crusan-ford@denvergov.org- We welcome Community partners and providers that help people apply for assistance services to sign up for our Navigator training- Here is a link to sign up! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/denver-human-services-navigator-10-registration-132112627425
Fabiola Cruz Aguilar
Fabiola Cruz-Aguilar Bilingual Central Intake Specialist at Jewish Family Service, fcruz-aguilar@jewishfamilyservice.org
Tammy Hoffman
Thank you Everyone for allowing me to hear all the awesomeness that you are providing our community!
Kathleen Crusan-Ford- Denver Human Services
Kathleen Crusan-Ford- Denver Human Services
Denver Santa Claus Shop link to register: https://www.denversantaclausshop.org/register-for-toys/
David he/him | Denver Human Services
Thank you all for joining us today! Have a great December. We look forward to seeing you next year!
Leah Wing
Thank you to the DHS team for hosting! Good to see you all!