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Community Network Meeting: Reintegration Resources - Shared screen with speaker view
David Palmer
I remember having the same conversations with our customers when I was a Case Management Coordinator.
Patrice H. (She/Her(s)) DHS Ex.Mgt
It's great to see/hear our DHS team that supports DSD. Thank you for growing this work over the years. You have a huge impact.
Kathy Crusan-Ford
Cedric and Matthew do AMAZING work!🙌
Mar Aguilar
Kudos to Matt and Cedric over the years! Great job guys!!
Erika Morris
Are you all aware of what other counties in Colorado have these same kinds of programs?
Lola Strong - The Other Side Academy
Thank you for the incredible program that you are bringing into the jails!
Rachel Fewell
We're so happy to be able to host outreach court at the Central Library!
Cheryl Gallegos - DOC
Hello Everyone,I am the Employment and Training Navigator for the Metro area, with Adult Parole. I am hosting a hiring fair on April20th for justice-involved individuals 9-13; In partnership with Arap/DouglasWorks! Flyer is attached. Please pass on to those you think would benefit from job leads and resources.
Randie Weiss
Are there Outreach Court programs in other cities/counties around Denver or in Colorado? Where would we find that information?
Bonnie-jean Jenkins, she/her/hers, DHS_Parenthood Program
so, the warrants that are cleared are usually tied to possibly FTA for a park violation, trespass, alcohol?
Katie Ziegler DHS
Thanks Randie and Bonnie- I will read these in a moment!
katie donovan
I apologize, I joined a couple minutes late and may have missed this info: is this recording available after the meeting? If so, where can one find the recording? Thanks.
Angelica Martinez She/Her/Ella OCC DHS
The Co-Dependencey Clinic is an Amazing Resource!!
Kim McDevitt
Hi everyone, I am the Regional Health Connector for Denver. If anyone is in need of assistance connecting their organization with medical or behavioral health practices in the Denver area please send me an email and I will see what I can do to help! Kim@milehighhealthalliance.org
Katie Ziegler DHS
Yes! If you have registered you will get all of today's materials. If you just hopped on this morning you will be able to view the recording here https://www.denvergov.org/Government/Departments/Denver-Human-Services/Be-Involved/Partner-With-Us/Community-Network-Meetings
Erika Morris
Are the peer navigators individuals who have been previously justice-involved?
Bonnie-jean Jenkins, she/her/hers, DHS_Parenthood Program
thank you, yes that addresses my question
Derek Hoyt - Outreach Court
Randie Weiss, i saw the second part to your question. I would recommend reaching out to those various counties and see what options are available to assist someone you are working with. Often, we do have individuals that have cases from other cities within Colorado and we are unable to hear those cases at Outreach Court since we only have jurisdiction over Denver cases. Project Homeless Connect is something to research as well. We have been involved in that event in the past and we are able to handle cases similarly there.
David Palmer
A reminder that this meeting is being recorded and will be available on the Denver Human Services website.
Ken Arellano
This is a great resource for staff.
Randie Weiss
Does Remerg work with Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition at all? They do some parallel work and put out a book periodically with all of kinds of information for people who are in process of re-entry
Erin Steffen
are there any orgs that do help with literacy (reading/writing) for adults? I saw a lot of GED prep on the iste.
Kristi Hornick
The Remerg website is THE "go to" and most comprehensive resource for returning citizens, their loved ones and partner organizations who are helping folks coming out of incarceration. Carol, her passion and this website are gifts to countless people.
Mar Aguilar
Congratulations Carol, on your years of amazing work! Appreciate your dedication.
Amazing thank you!
Carol Peeples, Remerg
Carol@remerg.com. 303.548.3395
Carol Peeples, Remerg
Thank you, everyone, for your time this morning!
Kim McDevitt
Thank you for sharing your personal story
what is the age range?
Erika Morris
Are participant’s families able to live with them?
kaila, The Gathering Place
Any specific qualifications to get into the program?
Christine Geerts-Work Options
Great presentation, thanks!
do you work with seniors who would not be able to work after?
Carol Peeples, Remerg
Carol Peeples, Remerg
Is a great question. I know of a few orgs working with seniors but not many.
Ken Arellano
Cheryl, it is A/D Works!
Katie Ziegler DHS
That's perfect virtual networking is on the fly!
Patrice H. (She/Her(s)) DHS Ex.Mgt
Thank you for sharing about the Parenthood Program Bonnie-jean!
Lorraine Grisez Advocacy Denver
I'd also like to introduce myself from Advocacy Denver.
Katie Ziegler DHS
Great! Thank you Lorraine sorry I missed your hand
Bonnie-jean Jenkins, she/her/hers, DHS_Parenthood Program
bonniejean.jenkins@denvergov.org; and my co workers; jim.le@denvergov.org; gilbert.vigil@denvergov.org
kaila, The Gathering Place
Bonnie-jean Jenkins, she/her/hers, DHS_Parenthood Program
for family law matters, we also hold a monthly Family Law Forum, you can find the link on DHS website or just email one of us. SHOUT OUT NATE!!
Carol Peeples, Remerg
Nate Stone, your program is such a great idea!
Lorraine Grisez Advocacy Denver
lgrisez@advocacydenver.org - please feel free to connect with me directly.
Nate Stone (he/him)
nstone@denverlibrary.org - Digital Navigator program
Taylor Cunningham
My mic doesn't work- but my name is Taylor Cunningham and I am the Employment Specialist for the Denver metro area and Aurora area for Work Options (formerly known as Work Options for Women). Our program attracts folks who are looking for some essential culinary training skills as well as workforce skills development through Job Readiness classes, Cognitive behavioral health classes and Financial health classes. We also offer structured and independent Job Search training. We serve client from every walk of life, especially re-entry folks. We always need support with connecting clients to physical basic resources, transportation, housing (transitional, rent assistance, emergency housing, etc.), literacy and digital literacy, and clothing/uniform assistance especially. We also have a site up in Adams County and Work Options for Reentry with DOC. Please reach out if you feel we can partner up or grow our partnerships: taylor@workoptions.org
Christine Geerts-Work Options
Christine Geerts & Kristi Hornick with Work Options, https://workoptions.org, Culinary Job Training Program. We work with 18+ interested, including those with justice involvement, to help students gain job-ready, transferable skills that lead to employment. Christine@workoptions.org, Kristi@workoptions.org
Katie Ziegler DHS
SEED Library!! oh man, after my own heart!
Tamara Berkman
Goodwill Employment Training Programs in IT, Banking and Facilities Management. Feel free to contact me at Taberkman@goodwillcolorado.org
Tamara Berkman
Katie, I picked up some pea seeds to grow :)
Carol Peeples, Remerg
We try to post flyers from organizations on the Remerg Facebook page. Please subscribe
Rachel Fewell DPL (she, her)
One more library thing, the Central Library is open during construction! The hours are Sunday-Thursday, 1-5pm. We have free phones and 30+ public computers for folx to use.
Thais Gutierrez
Thais Gutierrez/WorkNow Navigator/Denver Workforce Services/tgutierrez@eckerd.org
David Palmer
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Saher Yunus
Thank you!
Bonnie-jean Jenkins, she/her/hers, DHS_Parenthood Program
thank you Katie!!!
Angelica Martinez She/Her/Ella OCC DHS
Thank You All!!!